Aiden C from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire passed their C Licence – Case Study

Aiden Curran

Aiden C from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, is a testament to successful LGV training. Their journey to achieve C Licence is a source of inspiration for those interested in LGV Class 2 License and LGV Class 2 training. Learn how they mastered the skills to drive a A Large Rigid Lorry. Ready to embark on your own LGV adventure?

Meet Aiden. He recently achieved his HGV category C qualification with us. Aiden came to us needing a full package. This included his D4 medical, multiple choice, hazard perception and CPC case studies theory tests, along with his 5 day practical driving course and module 4 test. He is now ready to start his career in the HGV industry. Good luck Aiden.

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