New Drivers – the Driver CPC qualification

New drivers – the Driver CPC qualification

Before you can drive professionally, you must pass the initial Driver CPC qualification which is divided into four parts:

Part 1 – Theory Test: includes both the multiple choice test (CPC Module 1a ) and the hazard perception test (CPC Module 1b)
Part 2 – Case Studies – (CPC Module 2)
Part 3- Practical Driving Test of driving ability  – CPC Module 3a – Off Road Test and CPC Module 3b – On Road Test
Part 4 – Driver CPC Practical Test (Vehicle Safety Demonstration) – CPC Module 4

Navigating your way around which CPC courses you need to obtain and maintain your ability to drive commercially can be quite complex.

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What tests do I have to take?
If you take your test and you are not going to be driving for a living, or are exempt, you will only need to pass parts 1 and 3.

If however, you change your mind and wish to drive a lorry, bus or coach for a living you will need to pass parts 2 and 4.