Ukrainian HGV Licence

You can only legally drive a car or van in the UK for 12 months with a Ukrainian issued licence. After this period, you need to exchange your Ukrainian HGV licence for a UK licence.
For those Ukrainians who hold HGV licences that were issued in Ukraine, they are not able to automatically exchange this licence. There is no agreement in place between Britain and Ukraine that enables this.

Those commercial drivers who would like to continue to drive an HGV Vehicles within the UK will need to take the UK equivalent test including the Initial Qualification (DCPC).
The test requires a good understanding of the English language, therefore if there are any language barriers, we would recommend completing an ESOL (English Speaking for Overseas Learners) course first.

The route to train as a commercial driver is the same as a UK licence holder.

  • Pass a Driver Medical
  • Apply for Vocational entitlement for Cat C, CE, D or DE
  • Sit and Pass Module 1a Vocational Theory Test
  • Sit and Pass Module 1b Vocational Hazard Perception Test
  • Sit and Pass Module 2 DCPC Theory Test
  • Train for and Pass Module 3a off road manoeuvres test (Reverse & Couple / Uncouple)
  • Train for and Pass Module 3b on road driving test
  • Train and Pass Module 4 DCPC Practical test

To take the UK commercial test, you also must have been resident in the UK for 185 days in the past 12 months. This will delay the process in applying to take the test.
If you are Ukrainian and would like to train in order to obtain your British HGV licence, call us on 020 8441 3323 to discuss your requirements and book a course.