Do you offer the HGV Theory and Hazard Perception Courses on line ?

Yes we do.

To book the course revision pack visit https://surecalldrivertraining.com/course/theory-hazard-awareness-course/

Once you are ready to take the theory tests we will also book the test for you at a test centre located near your home.


After I pass my training, can you find me work ?

We can certainly help you with driving employment opportunities after you complete your driver training courses.

The Surecall Driver Training School is a sister division of two recruitment agencies – AFE Recruitment Ltd and Surecall Recruitment Ltd. 

Both agencies have access to a large portfolio of clients seeking the services of LGV drivers across a variety of industry sectors within the UK.

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Is Surecall Driver Training an authorised CPC Training Centre ?

Yes we are an authorised CPC training centre.

You can find all of our courses posted on the jaupt website under AFE Recruitment Ltd.

Our JAUPT Approved Centre number is AC02233.

To book a CPC Course visit our CPC Training page.


When can I drive without a CPC qualification ?

There are a number of exemptions from Driver CPC requirements. Take a look at the full list below.

You do not need Driver CPC if you’re using the vehicle for:

  • non-commercial carriage of passengers or goods
  • carrying material or equipment you use for your job, as long as driving is less than 30% of your rolling monthly work
    driving for someone you work for, or your own agriculture, horticulture, forestry, farming or fisheries business, as long as driving is less than 30% of your rolling monthly work
  • driving within 62 miles (100 kilometres) of your base – but the vehicle cannot be carrying passengers or goods, and driving a lorry, bus or coach cannot be your main job
  • driving to or from pre-booked appointments at official vehicle testing centres
  • driving lessons for anyone who wants to get a driving licence or a Driver CPC
  • maintaining public order – and the vehicle is being used or controlled by a local authority
    rescue missions or in states of emergency

You also do not need Driver CPC if the vehicle is:

  • is being road tested for repair, maintenance or technical development purposes
  • either new or rebuilt and has not yet been taxed
  • being used or controlled by the armed forces, police, fire and rescue service, emergency ambulance service, prison service or people running a prison or young offender institution
  • limited to a top speed of 28mph

You can book your CPC Driver Training with us – take the next step in your LGV driving career!


Can I convert my European CPC card to a UK CPC Card ?

If you already have an EU Driver CPC card and want to change it to a UK CPC card, you’ll need to send your EU Driver CPC card to DVSA if you want to exchange it for a GB Driver CPC card.

Send it with a short letter which includes your:

  • driving licence number
  • name and address
  • phone number

Where should I send my EU Driver CPC card?

The address to send it to is:

Driver CPC

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
PO Box 349
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE12 2GN

DVSA will send you a new Driver CPC card with the same number as your driving licence.

From then on, after doing 35 hours of periodic training in England, Scotland or Wales, you’ll get your Driver CPC Qualification for 5 years.

Book your 5 Day online Periodic CPC Course with us SureCall Driver Training today.


I have an HGV license but I have never held a CPC card - how do I get one ?

CPC for existing professional drivers – if you are an existing professional driver you will have ‘acquired rights’ for five years to a Driver CPC. You don’t need to pass the initial qualification but you must complete 35 hours of periodic training to keep your Driver CPC.

This only applies to the following LGV Drivers;

If you are a LORRY DRIVER and got your vocational licence (C, C1, C+E and C1+E) before the 10th September 2009.

In order to obtain your Driver CPC, you will need to complete 35 hours of periodic training  if you want to be driving professionally.

Your periodic training must be taken with an approved training centre.

Surecall Driver Training School is an approved training centre and offers day or 5 day CPC courses on line.

Book your 5 day online CPC training today.


How long does my CPC qualification last ?

Your Driver Periodic Training lasts for five years.

In order to retain your Driver CPC, you will need to complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years if you want to continue driving professionally.

Your driver cpc training must be taken with an approved training centre.

Surecall Driver Training School is an approved training centre and offers day or 5 day CPC courses on line.

Book your 5 day online CPC training course today.


What happens once I have passed the CPC qualification ?

Once you have passed the CPC qualification. your Driver Qualification Card (DQC) will be sent to you after you have passed all four parts. It’s unlawful to drive professionally without having your DQC.

It’s essential that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency – DVLA – have your correct details as your card will be posted to the same address as on your driving licence.

To avoid penalties, once you start driving professionally you must ensure that you carry your DQC with you at all times. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged you must contact your employer and the DVSA immediately and apply for a replacement card. You can use the details below:

Email: customer.services@dvsa.gsi.gov.uk (please make sure that you put DQC Enquiry in the subject field of your email)

Tel: 0300 200 1122

Post: Driver CPC Enquiries, PB Box 280, Newcastle, NE99 1FP

You are still permitted to drive professionally while you await the arrival of your replacement card.

Your Driver CPC card will not have your address on it and uses the photograph and signature on your photocard driving licence.

Interested in gaining your CPC Qualification? Contact our team today to find out more.


Can I take the CPC Parts in any order ?

Can I take the CPC Parts in any order ? No!

You must pass Part 1a (Theory Test) before you can take Part 3 (Practical Test) and you must pass Part 2 (Case Studies) before you can take Part 4 (Vehicle Safety Demonstration).

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As a new HGV Driver which courses do I need to obtain my CPC Qualification ?

New drivers – the Driver CPC qualification

Before you can drive professionally, you must pass the initial Driver CPC qualification which is divided into four parts:

Part 1 – Theory Test: includes both the multiple choice test (CPC Module 1a ) and the hazard perception test (CPC Module 1b)
Part 2 – Case Studies – (CPC Module 2)
Part 3- Practical Driving Test of driving ability  – CPC Module 3a – Off Road Test and CPC Module 3b – On Road Test
Part 4 – Driver CPC Practical Test (Vehicle Safety Demonstration) – CPC Module 4

Navigating your way around which CPC courses you need to obtain and maintain your ability to drive commercially can be quite complex.

For advise and assistance call us on 020 8441 3323 or click https://surecalldrivertraining.com/contact-us/

What tests do I have to take?
If you take your test and you are not going to be driving for a living, or are exempt, you will only need to pass parts 1 and 3.

If however, you change your mind and wish to drive a lorry, bus or coach for a living you will need to pass parts 2 and 4.