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Category C & C1 LGV Training

Category C & C1 LGV Training Course Details

Commonly referred to as Class 2 or Rigid, gaining the Category C LGV Training means you can drive an LGV with a rigid chassis. These usually do not tow a trailer although in some cases they may do so providing the trailer is under 750kg for a cat C licence holder. The total weight of the vehicle can not exceed 32 tonnes.

This category is understandably easier to train for, as having no trailer means you don't need to learn a new method of steering whilst reversing. However they do take some practice to master on road if you have never driven a vehicle this size before. Our 18 tonne vehicle is perfect for preparing you to drive this category of HGV - not too big to be manageable for a learner, but not so small that you will struggle with larger vehicles once you are qualified.

We recommend four days training for those with professional driving experience - for instance as a van/7.5t driver or similar. For those with no professional experience we would recommend 5 or 6 days. Each day consists of 4hrs one to one training in the vehicle except for test days.

The 3a reverse test and the 3b on road test will be carried out within the Category C LGV Training days. On 3a test day approximately 3hrs will be training and one hour will be taken up at the test.

On 3b test day there is usually 2hrs of on road warm up, then a 1hr break before heading to the test centre to ensure you arrive as relaxed and focused as possible.

Upgrading from Category C to CE

If you would like to upgrade your existing category C licence to CE you do not need to resit the part 1a or 1b of your theory exams. However, depending on your circumstances and age, you may need to acquire your driver CPC and/or complete a medical. Feel free to contact us should you need clarification on what you require.

C1 (7.5t) Training Course

This licence enables you to drive vehicles up to 7.5t gross weight.

Many industries use these vehicles, from ambulances to street lighting maintenance as well as many delivery companies, the c1 licence opens many doors and increases your career opportunities.

Most candidates can pass first time with just 3 or 4 sessions which makes this category more financially accessible.

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