I Would Prefer To Do My Driver Training In Person - Is This Possible?

Yes! Our driver training courses can be carried out in person at our driver training centre in Stevenage. Some people prefer this option to being on a computer all day.


What Modules Are Included In The CPC Periodic Training?

There are five modules to complete in the training – LGV Essentials, Smart Motorways, Health & Safety Awareness, Safe Loading and Accidents & Fitness To Drive. You can book each module independently which takes a full 7 hour day or book all five as a 5 day, 35 hour course package.


How Often Do I Need To Take A HGV1 Refresher Course?

Anyone who is driving for financial gain is required to complete 35 hours of Periodic CPC Driver Training every five years.


Do I Need To Revise For My CPC Tests?

It would definitely help you study the information you have learnt in the course to ensure you pass first time and can continue driving legally.


How Do I Pay For My Online CPC Training Course?

At Sure Call Driver Training, we take payments for our online courses in advance online and accept most credit and debit cards.


Can You Complete CPC Training Online?

Yes, you can! We offer our initial and periodic CPC courses via Zoom as well as in-person at our training centre in Stevenage.


How Does Online CPC Training Work?

Our online CPC training courses are delivered via Zoom video conferencing. Simply choose the course you wish to take, select an appropriate date and click book!


Are Online CPC Courses Acceptable?

Yes! Online CPC courses are acceptable when you wish to earn money by driving. Our five modular CPC periodic training courses are designed to extend your knowledge and keep you safely on the road. Sure Call Driver Training’s online courses are delivered via Zoom video conferencing. Take a look at the CPC Training Courses we offer.


I have a Ukrainian HGV Licence – Can I work as an HGV driver in the UK?

You can only legally drive a car or van in the UK for 12 months with a Ukrainian issued licence. After this period, you need to exchange your Ukrainian HGV licence for a UK licence.
For those Ukrainians who hold HGV licences that were issued in Ukraine, they are not able to automatically exchange this licence. There is no agreement in place between Britain and Ukraine that enables this.

Those commercial drivers who would like to continue to drive an HGV Vehicles within the UK will need to take the UK equivalent test including the Initial Qualification (DCPC).
The test requires a good understanding of the English language, therefore if there are any language barriers, we would recommend completing an ESOL (English Speaking for Overseas Learners) course first.

The route to train as a commercial driver is the same as a UK licence holder.

  • Pass a Driver Medical
  • Apply for Vocational entitlement for Cat C, CE, D or DE
  • Sit and Pass Module 1a Vocational Theory Test
  • Sit and Pass Module 1b Vocational Hazard Perception Test
  • Sit and Pass Module 2 DCPC Theory Test
  • Train for and Pass Module 3a off road manoeuvres test (Reverse & Couple / Uncouple)
  • Train for and Pass Module 3b on road driving test
  • Train and Pass Module 4 DCPC Practical test

To take the UK commercial test, you also must have been resident in the UK for 185 days in the past 12 months. This will delay the process in applying to take the test.
If you are Ukrainian and would like to train in order to obtain your British HGV licence, call us on 020 8441 3323 to discuss your requirements and book a course.


Do you offer the HGV Theory and Hazard Perception Courses on line ?

Yes we do.

To book the course revision pack visit https://surecalldrivertraining.com/course/theory-hazard-awareness-course/

Once you are ready to take the theory tests we will also book the test for you at a test centre located near your home.


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