HGV/LGV Training Module 4

Category CE Articulated Training

Category CE Articulated Training Course Details

Artics or Class 1 LGV's are generally the largest vehicles that you commonly see on our roads. They are an essential part of the lifeblood of our economy - transporting goods between distribution hubs and out to our businesses and stores. Gaining our Category CE Articulated Training course to drive these vehicles is a challenging but rewarding accomplishment.

These vehicles consist of a tractor unit (the "cab") and a trailer. Our CE articulated vehicles are 16.5metre train length which means you will know how to drive the most common size you will encounter once qualified and out working.

You will spend the first two or three sessions of our Category CE Articulated Training course learning how to reverse competently and safely, how to couple and uncouple the trailer from the tractor unit correctly and safely and check the trailer for roadworthiness which will all be required to pass the first 3a off road test. Once you have mastered this you will move on to learning how to safely drive one of these vehicles around our busy roads in preparation for your 3b on road test.

Candidates who hold a cat C licence already will find the on-road driving reasonably straightforward so we recommend 4 - 6 day courses for C - CE upgrade. Learn more

If you are looking for cat B (car/van up to 3.5t) to Category CE Articulated Training we recommend a minimum of 7 days total for practical training and tests (plus 1 day for mod 4). Ideally you should aim to book in for 10 days which will usually get you through the test first time. More hours training behind the wheel really helps when it comes to being comfortable and focused whilst driving on your test.

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