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CPC Driver Training Course

5 Day Complete Driver CPC Training

5 Day Complete Driver CPC Training Course Details

Course Cost:

£300.00 excl vat

5 Day Complete Driver CPC Training

£300.00 excl vat

Course Duration: 35 Hours

Course Aims

This course provides you with all the information you will need to complete your 35 hour periodic CPC requirement in one 5 day sitting. The course is designed to help you to confirm and expand on your existing knowledge and skills, and enable you to keep up to date with ever changing legislation.

Course Content

The 5 day course will consist of content made up from the following day courses;


Upon completion of the 5 day course you will have attained your required 35 hours to be CPC compliant. In addition you will have acquired all the knowledge, skills and information to enable you to continue being a safe and considerate driver.

Classroom – Maximum 10 people

  • Interactive discussion and question & answer sessions.
  • Diagrams and examples.
  • Individual or groups work with assistance from trainer.
  • Presentation and course hand out material.

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