Hauliers in Action

The police in Lincolnshire are providing dashcams to hauliers in order to allow record driving offences and take action against reckless motorists. The aim is to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries on the roads, which stood at 414 in the past year. The police and crime commissioner, Marc Jones, has secured £45,000 for the project to address this issue. The plan involves purchasing 100 dashcams and distributing them to haulage firms and coach companies operating on high-risk routes.

Companies in Lincolnshire will receive letters inviting them to participate in the initiative by installing the free cameras in their vehicles. Any footage capturing driving offences will be uploaded to a police website by the drivers for potential enforcement action. The funding will also support additional staff in the Lincolnshire road safety partnership to review the footage. Jones mentioned that the project could be expanded to include other road users and the public, creating a network of cameras to promote safer driving practices and identify dangerous drivers.

Despite a 5% decrease in serious and fatal collisions compared to the previous year, Jones emphasized the need for further action to address the unacceptable level of road-related deaths and injuries. He urged companies in the county to join the initiative, emphasizing that the goal is to change dangerous driving behaviour and prevent unnecessary loss of life, rather than focusing solely on issuing fines. This project represents a step forward in the ongoing efforts to enhance road safety and protect residents from harm.