Blackwall Tunnel Closes, Opportunities Open

The Blackwall Tunnel has finally completed the maintenance works taking part from 13-15th January and finished on the 24-26th February. The intention of the planned closure of the Blackwall Tunnel was to positively impact HGV drivers with new routes. This route is yet to be connected for the Silvertown Tunnel which intends to benefit the transportation industry with faster access across central London and the rest of the capital. Additionally, this is expected to allow buses to access towards the north and south of the river, introducing new job opportunities and will support local businesses. The prediction of the Silvertown Tunnel opening in 2024 even though with current updates saying this is unlikely and delays are to be expected.

There are mixed opinions with the implementation of the Silvertown Tunnel. This is due to the planned government spending which is estimated to cost between 1 to £2 billion as well as environmentalists claiming it will spread emissions and congestion which is currently an ongoing issue within London. Unfortunately for motorists, it is anticipated that a toll for the Silvertown tunnel as well as the Blackwall tunnel will be introduced to support covering costs for the tunnel being manufactured.

On the other hand, the maintenance of the Blackwall Tunnel was to support the introduction of the Silvertown Tunnel. The Silvertown Tunnel will accommodate selected HGV vehicles which will allow shorter and simpler routes to reduce mileage and time consumption for drivers. Sadiq Khan has claimed how essential and necessary river crossings are for East London. “New river crossings are vital for future prosperity of East London and the scheme will have a substantial impact unlocking new jobs and economic growth.”

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