CPC Periodic Training: Ensuring Safe and Efficient Driving for Professional Drivers

Professional drivers of buses, coaches, and lorries have a crucial responsibility to transport goods and passengers safely and efficiently. To ensure that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to do so, the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) was introduced. CPC periodic training is a requirement for drivers who wish to maintain their CPC qualification and continue operating their vehicles for hire or reward. In this article, we will explore what CPC periodic training entails and the benefits of completing it.

What is CPC Periodic Training?

CPC periodic training is a series of training modules designed to help professional drivers improve their knowledge and skills. The training is divided into five modules, each covering a specific topic. These modules are:

The training is delivered through approved training centres and must be completed every five years to maintain a Driver CPC qualification.

  • Module 1 LGV Essentials covers the essential skills and knowledge required to operate a large goods vehicle (LGV). This includes driving techniques, vehicle systems and components, and the legal requirements for LGV drivers.
  • Module 2 Safe Loading teaches drivers how to load their vehicles safely and securely, including how to prevent overloading, how to use restraints and load-securing devices, and how to balance a load to ensure safe driving.
  • Module 3 Health & Safety Awareness focuses on the importance of maintaining good health and safety practices while driving. This includes managing stress and fatigue, understanding the impact of alcohol and drugs, and preventing accidents.
  • Module 4 Fuel Efficient Driving aims to help drivers reduce their fuel consumption and environmental impact while driving. This includes techniques such as anticipating traffic flow, maintaining appropriate speeds, and using cruise control.
  • Module 5 Accidents & Fitness to Drive covers how to handle accidents and emergencies on the road, as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness level to ensure safe driving. This includes understanding the impact of medical conditions, medication, and alcohol on driving ability.

Benefits of Completing CPC Periodic Training

Completing CPC periodic training has several benefits for professional drivers. Firstly, it ensures that drivers are up to date with the latest regulations, rules, and best practices for driving. This helps them to comply with the law and avoid penalties or fines. Secondly, it helps drivers improve their skills and knowledge, making them safer and more efficient drivers. This can lead to better job opportunities and increased job satisfaction. Finally, completing CPC periodic training can help drivers stay motivated and engaged in their work, as they are continuously learning and improving.

In conclusion, CPC periodic training is an essential requirement for professional drivers who want to maintain their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. The training is split into five modules, covering essential driving skills, safe loading, health and safety awareness, fuel-efficient driving, and handling accidents and emergencies. Completing this training has several benefits, including keeping drivers up to date with the latest regulations and best practices, improving their skills and knowledge, and keeping them motivated and engaged in their work.

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