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Safe Loading and Accident Procedure

Safe Loading and Accident Procedure Course Details

Course Cost:


Safe Loading and Accident Procedure


Course Duration: 7 hours

Course Aims

This course will enable you to develop your knowledge and understanding of the requirements for the safe loading of vehicles. It will also explain to you the causes of accidents and accident procedure.

Course Content

This course covers the following subjects

  • Safe Loading – Approved Codes of Practise
  • Forces acting on the vehicle and handling characteristics
  • How to secure various types of load
  • Types of restraints
  • Height restrictions including low bridges and projecting loads
  • Maximum Weights for Goods vehicles and load distribution
  • UK Accident & Fatality Statistics
  • What is a road traffic accident?
  • Accident Reporting
  • How driver behaviour affects accidents
  • The course content is derived from RHA Module 4 – Safe Loading of Vehicles in the Transport Industry and RHA Module 11 – Fitness to Drive & Vulnerable Road Users


Upon completion of the course you will;

  • Understand the importance of safe loading to operator licensing and road safety.
  • Understand the forces acting on a goods vehicle and its load and be able to state the requirements for restraining loads to counter these forces.
  • Be able to secure various types of load and types of restraint equipment.
  • Know about height restrictions and maximum weights.
  • Understand the consequences of overloading and the powers of enforcement agencies.
  • Understand potential causes of accidents and the issues behind driver behaviour.

Delivery Method

Classroom – Maximum 10 people

  • Interactive discussion and question & answer sessions.
  • Load safety film on DVD.
  • Diagrams and examples.
  • Individual or groups work with assistance from trainer.
  • Presentation and course hand out material.

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