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Smart Motorways

Smart Motorways Course Details

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Smart Motorways


Course Duration: 7 hours

Course Aims

This course will enable you to understand the role of Highways England in relation to the operation of smart motorways. It will explain the different types of smart motorways including associated signs, signals and technology. It will also explain the safety benefits of smart motorways and using defensive driving principles enable you to understand how driving behaviour can affect road safety.

Course Content

This course covers the following subjects

  • Types of Smart motorway
  • Design features of Smart motorways
  • The technology and different signs and signals used on Smart motorways
  • Driving behaviour
  • Rating driving standards and evaluating road risk
  • Personal factors affecting driver behaviour
  • Road risks and how Smart motorways can improve safety

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Have a better understanding of UK Smart motorway systems and how they operate
  • Know the signs and signals used on smart motorways
  • Appreciate how the technology enables traffic flow.
  • Promote safer driving behaviour and improve road safety
  • Reduce vehicle incidents and delays.
  • Evaluate the hazards involved in motorway driving.
  • Be familiar with techniques and skills to avoid collisions
  • Stay safe, keep moving.

Delivery Method

Classroom – Maximum 10 people

  • Interactive discussion and question & answer sessions.
  • Diagrams and examples.
  • Individual or groups work with assistance from trainer.
  • Presentation and course hand out material.

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